Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Pepsi, M&M's and Biggest Loser

So, as I sat with a hand-full of M&M's and my 3rd Pepsi for the day watching Biggest Loser, an advertisement caught my eye. It was the pound for pound challenge that the show is promoting to the nation. The idea is basic, two food distributor's have promised 1 lb of food for every 1 lb lost during this season. The food will go to feed the hungry in the United States.

So, I went and got a glass of water (my Pepsi was gone;) ) and thought about it for a little while, it was something easy, something great, a way to make a huge difference in the world...but, did I really believe I could do it? Was my heart ready to pick a goal for the next few weeks?

I decided that I didn't really believe in myself, but that I couldn't let that get in my way. I went to the website and signed up before I could change my mind. I pledged 10 lbs between now and April/May. I encourage you to prayfully do the same.

Also, maybe this is something we can do within our group. Maybe we can get a food item for every pound we loose, let me know what you think!

Meet your goals gals, you are worth it. Drink the water, write down the food, spend time with the Lord, exercise, and watch your portions. I believe in you!

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