Friday, January 16, 2009

Put some Holy in Your Spirit

Hi Ladies,
We will be meeting in just a few hours, but I have been thinking for a few days about consistency, discipline, and Oprah:).

I admit, for 2 weeks I have been an Oprah addict as she talked about balance in life and brought in experts on all kinds of things. Several days focused on health and weight loss, I encourage you to visit her site and see the days of Bob Greene and Dr. Oz for the health stuff. But, the spiritual discussions she had (2 days of them) made me uncomfortable. I touched on it last week, and when she had another episode this week on spirituality I uncomfortably watched and tried to sort through exactly what upset me.

I think there was a lot that was right about what was said. They talked about being quiet so you can hear (your) spirit (where I would say do the same practice to hear THE Spirit). They talked about how living for and understanding that there is something bigger than yourself will help you get through tough times. They talked about being put on this earth for a deeper purpose and being spiritual will help you discover that purpose. They talked about finding people of like spirituality as you (like a church) because there are power in #'s. So what was wrong?

Well, there was no Holy in their Spirit. There was talk about your spirit, being in tune with nature, being more spiritual...some references to God (sometimes) as some references to religion (very generically), but no Holy Spirit, and definately no Jesus (though they did quote the Bible once). I was a little worried, a little sad that such an influencial person (Oprah) didn't speak of Jesus. Then in the middle of my thinking I remembered when Jesus didn't really get upset at false teachers, he was just happy that something was being said, that some talk was happening. Because it would get people interested and seeking. That brought me comfort. I am not saying it's okay, but I do think people will start looking into "Spirituality" as a result of those shows, and hopefully some poeple, no, hopefully a lot of people, will find the Holy Spirit, Jesus, and the Father in that search.

So, there are my thoughts on that:).

On a not-as-deep thought I wanted to say that it's been a rough week. Two bad things have snuck into my habits...lots of soda, and snacking a lot at night. I have been tired and have used that as an excuse for both things. It's funny how as you focus on one part of your diet and life other bad things sneak back in. Balancing it all out will have to be part of my balance goal I guess:).

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