Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Hi Ladies,
Hope you are doing well this week. I am surviving, mostly:). I have had trouble with breastfeeding pain this week but went to the doctor today and hope that it will get better now. Mason is running a temperature too, but doesn't seem to be real sick so please pray that it is nothing serious.

Have you read through the packet that Cathy gave last week? I have read it during one of my baths (i.e. time to myself thanks to my wonderful husband!) this week and have prayfully considered the three goals that I have.

One that I have is to live a more balanced life...I know, I's a "bad" goal because it isn't specific and measurable. Also, I want to say I made the goal before I watched Oprah this week:). However, despite the fact that it is a "bad" goal, the more I prayed about it and thought about it I just couldn't change it. There are a lot of things that I feel is out of balance, small things (fold the dang laundry!) and big things (spending quality time with the Lord) my goal is to spend my maternity leave working on balancing life and my daily time.

I encourage you to take your goals seriously and have them set by this Saturday. You are worth it!

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